Keynote: Anthony Solcito

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Anthony Solcito – What Technology Makes Possible pt.2

Anthony is the General Manager for the US Education Division of Microsoft.

Anthony followed Martin Bean, presenting some fo the ideas underpinning future developments in the ICT field. He identified 3 core elements that will take technology into the future:

  1. visualisation
  2. search
  3. natural computing

For each he provided examples and demonstrations of applications that are in development or in beta form.


Using the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia site he demonstrated the power of visualisation by taking us on a tour of some Beatles memorabilia, illustrating the power of the tool to browse and zoom smoothly around the artefacts.

Anthony then demonstrated Photosynth to illustrate new ways of interacting with images in a highly visual environment.

His third visualisation example was Turning The Pages, an application that allows you to visually interact with a book by turning the pages, zooming in and out and writing notes etc.


Anthony’s example of search was the Tafiti visual search engine that requires Silverlight to be installed.

Natural Computing

To illustrate what he meant by natural computing Anthony provided a demonstration of one of Microsoft’s tables and surface computing, showing off the two-touch interaction with the applications and objects appearing on it.

To finish he also demonstrated a little of the WorldWideTelescope released earlier this year from Microsoft,


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