With Nancy White in Seattle

December 5, 2008 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Sights of Seattle | 1 Comment

Nancy and I on the beach

My last morning in Seattle before we fly out in the afternoon and I managed to connect with Nancy White who had visited New Zealand earlier this year for the DEANZ conference in Wellington. Nancy was gracious enough to swing by the hotel this morning and pick up Marg and I and take us for a tour of the North West part of the city, ending up at a wonderful organic cafe for breakfast together.

It was great to catch up with Nancy and share stories of our work in eLearning, in particular, to hear of her work in some of the European countries and in the West Bank area where she has been working recently for the United Nations on a health-related project.

Linking with Nancy was another practical illustration of how online communications are making the world a more connected place, as we’ve previously gotten to “know” each other through our blogs, skype and twitter – so the face to face became simply another dimension to this relationship building.

Ah well – off now to check out and face the 17 or so hours of travel home, including three connecting flights 🙂


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  1. Hi Derek – thanks for sharing the link to your blog from your trip to Seattle. I definitely was a bit jealous as I noted your tweets about the trip. Wish I had realised about this blog sooner.

    Nice to see that you went sightseeing with Nancy. When either you or Nancy White come to Perth I will take you for a tour here.

    On a side note followed the link of Nancy is not Western Australia to the other blog. Feels like a bit of a full circle. Sitting in Melbourne (traveling myself) seeing the post which is obviously written by a West Australian that talks about a conference back in 2006 that I was at where Nancy presented. Life’s little cycles.

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