Space Needle

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Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle

Monday dawned and the sun was shining. This was the right time  for Derek and me to get the big view of the city. About 10.30am, we set off down the road to the Seattle Center, bought our $16 ticket and rode the gold car to the top of the space needle. We were afforded panoramic views of the city and some great technology treats as well.

For example, there was a city panorama with timelapse, so you could clock back the activity in any part of the view over the previous 24 hours or so, seeing the pattern of traffic movement on the highways and the path of ships in the harbour and even people in the streets.

There were other interactive features with slideshows about stately homes and other landmarks as well as the documentation of the history of the space needle. Very impressive! We sat and talked over a coffee, wondering at the view and pinching ourselves, feeling very lucky to be able to be here. We did talk work as well!  You know how work just seeps into every aspect of our lives! It was great reflective time indeed! Walked back to the hotel via the harbour and another walk through Pike Street Market before getting ready for the opening of the Schools of the Future Summit at 5.30pm.


SOF Summit – Seattle

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The 4th Annual School of the Future World Summit is being held in Seattle, Washington from 1-4 December, 2008. A group of educators from New Zealand has been invited to attend, and this blog is the place where their reflections, observations and new ideas will be recorded.

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